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The car security system kit offers a full aerial view of the car. It gathers the vision around the car with four cameras and, forming a full view of 360 degrees around the car, and displays it on the monitor. Both front advanced, advanced rear, side parking are accurate and effective in preventing scratching when parking.

The car security system kit offers road assistance. The forward camera can see the road conditions ahead and improve security. When the road has potholes or obstacles, or cars meet in narrow roads, etc., the system can assist to prevent the collision and avoid hazards. When turning, the camera can eliminate the blind spots.

With the car recorder/car black box, the body can record the four cameras of front, rear, left, and right simultaneously to the data storage. This function as a value-added service, users simply need to provide with the corresponding SD card, and can save many hours of video data.

JKT-756 Features
Car Security System Kit1. Form a full view of 360 degrees around the car and display in the monitor
2. The car security system kit has a 9 inch digital quad monitor
3. 4 channels simultaneously to full time live record
4. 4 ways video input, 4 ways audio input, 1 way video output, alarm in
5. Recording saved to hard disc driver or SD card
6. The car security system kit offers 4 different types of cameras for different situation use

JMK is a professional vehicle security system manufacturer based in China. We offer car security system kit, vehicle back up rear view camera, array waterproof CCTV camera, ONVIF IP dome camera, and much more.

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