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1. The vehicle GPS mobile DVR supports 4CH video, D1 resolution. Video is stored by SD card, which is stable, shock proof and heat proof.
2. Audio uses the AAC compression method and provides a clear voice and high reduction degree.
3. The vehicle GPS mobile DVR can be installed with an external GPS tracker. Capturing images by GPS platform can reduce communication costs.
4. It offers H.264 encoding format.
5. The vehicle GPS mobile DVR is a fully enclosed structure and is waterproof and dustproof and the lock design can prevent it from being damaged.
6. It is controlled by remote control and automatically covers video.
7. The mini size makes it easy to install and suitable for all kinds of vehicles.

As an experienced vehicle GPS mobile DVR manufacturer based in China, our company also provides mini 3G car DVR, vehicle back up rear view camera, array waterproof CCTV camera, H.264 mega pixel IR IP camera, and much more.

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