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1. The wireless camera kit is equipped with 2.4GHz Audio/Video transmission.
2. It offers 4-CH operation and 100m operating range.
3. The wireless camera kit offers a weather-proof design for indoor and outdoor use.
4. The camera can be used together with an Infra-red camera built-in microphone and transmitter.
5. The receiver features high receiving sensitivity, and one receiver can accept four cameras at one time.
6. For AV output, the camera can be connected to TV for real-time viewing.
7. The wireless camera kit is equipped with audio and digital display.
8. It offers high credibility.

The wireless camera kit is used in areas where it is inconvenient to place wires.

In addition to the wireless camera kit, we can supply many other CCTV cameras, including IR camera, dome camera, box camera, etc. Please visit the relevant product page or feel free to contact us for more details.

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